The Cool Guys

The Cool Guys
Every Picture Tells a Story

Friday, August 30, 2013

It has been a longtime since I posted anything on the blog but a lot has happened since then. We started the year being hopeful that things would be different and God heard our prayers and blessed TAA. Now we pray that we will be responsible stewards of God's gift.
Thank to Abiathar Mujeyi there is a picture that is doing circles on the web that was taken in the late  60's early 70's in front of Carter House when Mr. Dube (Magaji) was the house master... We are trying to see if we can identify everyone in the picture so if you can give it a shot it will be appreciated...

Identified so far......
Back Row Left to right
1,2, Elliot Mashingaidze, 3, Milton Nkobi, Mangaliso Mcwabeni, Boniface Nkomo, Fortune Nkomo
Godwin Chimanimanzi, Ndumiso Ndiweni, Prince Machaya
Other Names not in order..Tennyson Chiyavi, Maxwell Murambakanda, George Kadada, Abiathar Chikaka, Grey Mkandawire, Shame Mundiya, Peter Gondwe, Reuben Mqwayi, Jabulani Mkhwananzi, Dennis(the bespectacled coloured guy), Isaac Moyo, Abiathar Mujeyi, Lovewell Chisango, Shame Mundiya, Never ,..something. Elisha Garaba, Bonus Silundika Moyo, Naison Makuvaza, Andre Mathuthu, Temba Bassopo Moyo, Kambula Malikongwa, Carpenter Banda, Christopher Mazhandu, Solomon Mguni, Raphael Benza, Danisa Kwidi

Anymore additions...... Have fun trying to identify and connect with the past.........

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where have all the pictures gone?

The pictures are way down below if you are patient enough to read through all this.
As usual if you can identify any people in the photos and know where they are, we would like to contact them.
Aggrey 1967~1972

Can you identify these dudes in the picture above?

Yes it is true, look carefully and you will be able to connect the dots

Oh that's who he was - Help us remember.

Help identify some of the alumni if your remember their names. If you have their contact numbers please send them to me and we will invite them to the list.